4 Tips for decorating a garden

It’s easy to spend hours planning and executing the interior design of your home. But, so often the garden gets forgotten. Why is this? This past year we are all spending more and more time outside which is why we wanted to provide you with our 4 top tips for decorating your garden.

1. See it as an extension of your home

A garden is in many ways an extension of your home and if you get it right you’ll be able to get many months of joy from it every year. Look at your interior design choices and extend them out into the garden. This could be done by picking up the house’s stone in the paving or patio. Or by copying a style choice like gold ornaments and soft furnishing colours. And don’t forget about the lighting! You would never forget to carefully position lighting inside, so why not do the same outside?

2. Maintain and paint your garden

It is so easy to ignore the need for garden maintenance. But, by painting the fences and decking you can breathe new life into your outside space. Let’s not stop there though… feature walls and splashes of colour work just as well outside as they do inside. You could paint your fence a glowing sunshine yellow and choose complementing colours in your pots. Or go for a striking dark fence, making your grass, plants and the sky pop.

3. Zone your garden

Inside the majority of spaces serve a purpose. For example: you might have a lounge area and a dining area. Make sure to create designated spaces outside as well. Maybe you have a perfect sunny spot in the morning for a cuppa and another area of your garden which gets the evening sun – perfect for a dining area.

4. Explore sounds and scents

Gardens have something that in many ways the indoors do not. The opportunity to go all in with sounds and scents. When picking your planting don’t just let your eyes guide you but also your smell. Go for plants that make you smile when you take a big breath in. Also consider which sounds relax you… maybe a trickling water feature or the subtle ringing of a wind chime.

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